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The applicant must provide the weighted average

unemployment rate (rounded to one decimal place) of the

target community to be served, as identified by zip codes,

compared to the national unemployment rate as of the latest

available comparable data. This data is broken into two youth

age subsets: 16 – 19 and 20 – 24. Applicants must average the

unemployment rate for these two age groups by adding the

populations together and then dividing by the total population.

If applicants are serving a community that spans more than one

zip code, they must add each age group’s unemployed

population numbers together for each zip code and divide the

total by the total population of 16‐24 year olds for all the zip

codes combined to find the weighted unemployment rate for

the combined target community. Applicants must use Bureau of

Labor Statistics data for the national unemployment rate and

for the local areas to be served. This data can be found through

the U.S. Census’ Web site at:

. The national unemployment rate for youth ages 16–24 against

which DOL will evaluate applicants is: 20.4 percent (using 5‐

year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates as of 2014).

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