7-1 final project – needing revision and correction on each paper

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You may want to use this as a checklist to make sure that your paper is ready for submission:

  • Did you submit the paper through Turnitin?  *** 
    • I recommend that you submit your paper through Turnitin well before it is due.
    • Make adjustments if needed and then resubmit.
    • You will have to submit the paper into the submission folder to run it through TII
  • Is the Turnitin percentage 25% or less? 
    • This is the goal.
    • It is important to look at the report to see where the citations may need to be fixed.
  • Did you make adjustments and rerun the paper through Turnitin?
  • Are all of the in-text citations noted correctly?
    • Quotation marks used when needed?
    • Author, date, and page numbers used correctly?
    • Large quotes done correctly?
  • Is the reference list done correctly?
    • Titles of books and journals (and volume number) italicized?
    • In alphabetical order?
    • Is the format correct for each reference based on its type?
    • If electronic sources are used is the URL included (but NOT the retrieval date)?
  • Is the format of the paper correct?
    • Title page? Formatted correctly
    • Running head?
    • 12 pt font, double spaced, 1 in. margins?
    • Reference Page in correct format?
    • Subtitles placed correctly?
  • Did you look at the rubric to make sure that you covered everything that should be included?
  • Did you reread your paper and run spell check?

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