The isllc standards | Education homework help

For this discussion, you will focus on one standard for which you will provide your peers with information, insight, and resources. Be sure to review and collect the resources from your peers’ responses also as you will need this information for the summative assignment in Week 6*. Please refer to the following chart to identify […]

Multi- organizational | Government homework help

In order to build a strong multi-national organization, an internet-based organization that has locations in several countries would need to develop a common understanding of values, beliefs and culture. To help the organization, address the following:   How do you define diversity? Discuss ways to develop a common definition of diversity within the organization.

Women of achievement essay | History homework help

 The woman you will be writing about name is ” Sonia Sotomayor”  Historically and currently, women have influenced contemporary society with remarkable achievements. Each student will be assigned a woman who has made a significant impact on society and write a biographical paper. For the paper, students will investigate the life of the assigned woman […]

See attachment | Human Resource Management homework help

Case #40, page 123. You will need to read “Evaluating the Recruiting Function” and answer questions on page 126. This case requires you to conduct an analysis of the different ways that the organization recruits. You may want to google “yield ratios” to help you get started. This is an extremely important exercise and all […]

Rectify the grammatical errors in an essay

 The essay on promoting the SIUE( Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) is posted below in a word document. All the important points are mentioned in an essay with my own experience. I want a volunteer to rectify the grammatical errors and arrange the essay which encourages the promotion of the SIUE. 

Blockchain for the protection of one of medical, financial, or

  Discuss in 500 words or more the use of blockchain for the protection of one of medical, financial, or educational records. Cite your sources in-line and at the end. Provide a URL for your citations.  Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format.  Do not copy without providing proper attribution. Use […]

Assignment 3: evaluating funding requests: juvenile boot camp programs

Centervale councilman Pete Parsimonious has received funding requests for two competing juvenile corrections boot camp programs and requires your assistance on how to evaluate program success through appropriate research. There is a general perception that one of the two programs is only marginally successful while the other succeeds through much lower recidivism rates. Of course, […]

Urbanization research paper | Literature homework help

The goal of this assignment is to research and write a concise paper (5-6 pages double space, approximately 1,500-1,800 words, not including a separate cover page and reference list page) on one of the following topics (which you have already begun researching and writing about for Assignment One):   1. History of a pre-industrial city: […]

Bus math qrb501 wk2 qu-6

Business Math, Ch. 9 Formulas for markup percentages these two types of markup percentages have the same numerator (top number in the fraction).  The numerator is markup, which is the difference between price and cost.  The difference in the formulas is in the denominator.  Markup based on cost has cost in the denominator and markup […]

Substantive response | nurse | gcu

Please review the substantive posting requirements posted in the forum and announcements: When you post responses to your peers the response needs to be “substantive” to receive credit. Substantive posting criteria includes: Acknowledge what your peer stated (agree or disagree). Include additional information. End the post with an open-ended follow up question. This is important […]