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TCOM 3302c/d (TTh) “Big Report” Assignment

Write either a recommendation report (one recommendation) or a feasibility report (multiple recommendations). Unlike with your grant proposal, the audience is whoever would benefit from your research. (This will be an internal report.)

Use the form in the book: • for body, follow structure on pp. 476-78 [10th 521-23]; • for front and back matter, follow structure on pp. 479-87

[10th 523-31];

• for references, see Appendix B.

• a list of sections appears on Table 18.1 (p. 476 [10th 19.1,

p. 520])

–Front Matter [transmittal letter, cover, title page, abstract, table of contents, list of illustrations, executive summary]

–Body [introduction, methods, results, conclusions, recommendation(s)] N.B.: Recommendations section should be about half of the body.

–Back Matter [glossary, list of symbols, references, appendices]

• report should include illustrations, graphics, and appendices as appropriate to your topic

• use MLA style (pp. 641, ff. [10th 695, ff.]) for references • SOURCES: You may use Internet, interviews, surveys,

field research, and so on, but you also need: * at least 5 “print” sources

* at least 2 scholarly sources.

(These are MINIMUM requirements. Generally “A” papers contain significantly more research than this


• double space (even the transmittal letter)

• number front matter w/ Roman numerals (we will discuss

this in class! Front matter ONLY is numbered with small Roman numerals. Body of report and back matter are numbered with Arabic numerals. N.B. that numbers will continue from end of body through back matter–back matter does not have a separate numbering system.)

For grading criteria, refer to the writer’s checklist on pp. 512-13 [10th 559-60]. You will also be responsible for correct structure (order), in addition to the document’s neat and professional appearance.

“Handy Checklist”:


• outside cover (For our online course, we will discuss this category in class. . . .)

• transmittal letter (N.B. that these two are out of order to facilitate my handling a giant

pile of reports. In the business world, the transmittal letter would be a separate sheet on the outside of your report. For me, insert it inside

the cover before your title page.)

• title page

• abstract

• table of contents

• list of illustrations • executive summary

• introduction

• methods

• results

• conclusions

• recommendation(s) (N.B.: check to make sure that this is the longest section.)

• glossary

• (list of symbols)–the ONLY “optional” section! • references

• appendices




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