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II. Career Exploration Project Instructions: 

Answer the following questions for your Carer Exploration Project

My Academic Strengths Self-Assessment: 

1.  What are the courses that you excel at? 

2.  What are the courses you may need some assistance with? 

3.  How do you think this information will help you succeed in college? Be specific about your results and how they relate to your personal goals, academic plans, and courses of action you may wish to take.

Work Interest Assessment (Work Interest Holland Career Code) 

1.  Are you more Social, Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising, Conventional or Realistic? 

2.  List your top three codes and explain what your code means. 

3.  How will your knowledge of this self-assessment information help you define careers and educational tracks that match your interests? 

4.  Discuss the occupations that matched your results that you are interested in exploring further? 


1.  What occupation did you review? 

2.  What level of education and area of study must you obtain before working in this occupation? 

3.  3.. What are some of the job duties in this occupation? 

4.  Does this occupation correspond to your values or does it conflict with your values? Consider things like family life, work-life balance, financial goals, traveling, etc. Be specific and thoughtful in your response. 

Values Assessment 

1.  What are some occupations with majors that match your values?

2.  What are the Job Tasks that are presented: 

3.  What is the Work Interest profile?

4.  What are the skills needed for success in this career, the values associated with this career, the working conditions you can expect, and the educational requirements? Explain 

5.  What is the career outlook (is there going to be a greater demand for this type of worker in the next five years?) 

6.  What are the earnings? 


Research at least 2 professional associations associated with careers you are interested in. Join at least one or follow them on social media 

ü   Which professional association did you join?

ü   Their Website address: __________________ 

ü   Their mission/objectives: 

ü   List a few benefits of joining the professional association (networking, local conferences, newsletters, etc.): 

Skills Self-Assessment 

1.  Have you selected occupations with skills you have identified as your top skills? 

2.  If not, how will you prepare yourself to develop these skills? Was this project helpful? Did you learn new things you didn’t know about your career? Type your answer here. 

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