Comprehensive client care for urban health issues.

Category: Science

Write a paper on an urban/public health policy issue of the student’s choice. The objective of the paper is to learn about the history of one health or health related issue and related policy.  Students will trace and describe the historical evolution of the policies and major actions as it pertains to the chosen issue up to the present. The paper will be graded using the rubric (rubric is attached in the email).  The grading rubric essentially serves as the outline for the paper.  Students are advised to clearly delineate each section of the paper. The student must use APA format (6th edition of the American Psychological Association (2010) for the paper. The paper should be 8-pages in length excluding references and title page. Use very simple language.

P.S. so basically you can choose any topic related to urban can be even diabetes or anything that is important. Please, follow the rubric that is attached to the e-mail. Thank you

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