Edmg220 b002 fall 15: week 2 forum -smith hill

Category: Questions

Using the concepts you have learned thus far, write a post that answers the following:


1. Discuss the emergency management planning of Smith Hill at the end of Chapter 3 in your Fundamentals of Emergency Management text.


2. What are the problems with the Smith Hill Emergency Management organization?


3. How can emergency planning be improved in this town? 


Please start a new thread when creating your initial post and write any responses to others within their existing discussion threads. 


Please write a minimum of 350 words for your initial post due by 11:55pm ET on Thursday.   

Please thoughtfully reply to at least two other students initial posts due by 11:55pm ET on Sunday.    

Your replies must contain a minimum of 150 words.



To receive full credit for this forum, you must also advance the conversation throughout the week by replying back to those that replied to you. (Please see the Forum Expectations announcement in the classroom).


Grading Rubric:  All forums will be scored according to the attached rubric.

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