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Write a  word personal response essay that answers any three questions given below (minimum of 500 words, maximum of 1000 words). In your response, use direct evidence, scenarios, examples, and cases for the video to support your view. ( this is the video.

  1. What was most surprising about this film?
  2. What is the thesis of this film? What is the film trying to prove/argue?
  3. Why is DNA important evidence for this film?
  4. Why is the man in Kazakhstan so important to the thesis of this film?
  5. Do you agree with the evidence put forth in this film? Why or why not?
  6. According to the film, why do people have darker skin, longer arms, lighter hair, etc?
  7. Why is the trek of the Africans so unbelievable?
  8. How might the information in this film change the way people treat each other?
  9. How does genetics and biological evidence poise conflict with native creation stories?
  10. How are we all African under our skin?

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