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In an essay of  3-4 double-spaced type-written pages, please consider the ethical dilemmas surrounding the case of Anita Hill and then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. As part of your essay, please clearly lay out/discuss your ethical values as it relates to this case as well as the ethics represented by the ruling/court decision. Then, apply those ethical values and what you have been taught in this class about racism, sexism, economic inequality, and other power differentials–as well as cultural pathology and cultural racism–to an evaluation of the decisions made by both then chairman Joseph Biden and the Judiciary Committee as well statements made by Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill and the committee and public’s reaction to them.  Be sure to consider the ethical dilemmas each were presented with. When laying out your argument, you may want to consider such factors as: race, gender, and class privilege, gender roles, stereotypes, intersectionality, consent etc. You might also want to consider similar cases as a way of determining the role of race, class, and gender in the ruling.  Be sure to name the ethical frameworks employed. A guide and glossary are included below. 

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