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Part 1: Short answer- Answer with at least 4 to 5 sentences each.


1.      Australia is a unique island continent separated from most land by water. What natural hazards affect Australia?


2.      How often do they occur?


3.      Where do they occur?


4.      Using examples of recent (since 1990) natural disasters, comment on how Australia as a nation works with its unique island geography and natural hazards regime





Part 2: Essay


Directions: Search for one peer reviewed research article that will serve as the basis for your homework this week.


The article should cover one of the following:


·         Landform regions of Australia

·         Climate and climate zones of Australia

·         Biogeography or endemics of Australia (endemics are species of vegetation or animals that are unique to a given region)

·         Current land disputes between Australia’s Aboriginal population and non-Aboriginals/European Settlers

·         Natural hazards and disasters in Australia (e.g., Cyclone Tracy, wildfires, etc.)

·         Earthquakes in New Zealand

·         Relationship between New Zealanders and Maori with respect to culture

·         Australian immigration issues



Then write a 2 page reflection paper describing that article using APA format.  Please write the reflection paper as if it were going to be the content for a traveler’s website (e.g., Trip Advisor).  Be sure to explain why the article provides information that a traveler to the region would be interested in knowing before visiting.  

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