Health presentation | Biology homework help

Category: Questions

Section One: (10 points)
Health care topic is( Gun Safety )

List of media sources

Short analysis of where each source is placed on the MEDIA BIAS CHART, expanding on the format used in Discussion 4.
Links to selected media articles/videos

Section Two: (15 points)

Use of WISE approach in analysis of the media articles/videos

Section Three: (10 points)

Exploration of how the media is presenting the topic. I suggest you explore how the scholarly articles present the information in comparison to the popular press items.

Section Four: (15 points)
Group reflection on the group process of this project
Analysis—What critical thinking skills learned this semester helped in looking at the issues of the health care topic? How did the WISE approach help in analysis of the various media biases?
Review—What critical thinking skills helped your group work together to address this project? 

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