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Ancient and Medieval African Civilizations Worksheet

Complete the worksheet using analysis from the map, readings and class discussions. You may expand the table as needed. Also answer the questions at the end of the worksheet. Each question response at the end of the table should be 200 to 350 words.


Ancient and medieval African civilization or empire

Explain the founding, consolidation, and growth

Describe the government structure of the kingdom

What were the chief trade items in and out?

Explain the decline and collapse

Egypt (Nile)








Aksum (or Axum)
























Songhai (or Songhay)

















Great Zimbabwe





























1.      What was ancient and medieval life and culture like in Africa before the European and Arabic traders?


2.      What enticed European and Arabic traders to the African continent? What interested them most?


3.      Which European or Arabic traders had the most impact on ancient and medieval African civilizations and empires? Which traders had the least impact on the civilizations and empires? Why?



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