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Here is the scenario: You are an intern for the Purdue News Service. You have been asked to write a news service story about new research by a Purdue faculty member. You will do this assignment on your WordPress account and submit the URL to Brightspace.

Purdue News Service examples: Research: Swallowing and Mommy Brain

(link for the example,

Here is a link to an “interview” you conducted with Eric Wiemer, a Ph.D. student in the Brian Lamb School of Communication, about a research project he helped conduct that was recently published. The project was headed by Assistant Professor Jennifer Hoewe, also of the Brian Lamb School. Wiemer is one of the co-authors on the publication.

You must:

  1. You do not need to do additional interviewing. You must write the article based on Wiemer’s interview.
  2. Include all elements of an effective news service story that we talked about in class.
  3. Adhere to rules  that we discussed in class (length, organization, headline rules, etc.)
  4. Use proper formatting.
  5. Adhere to AP style, quote rules and use correct grammar and spelling.
  6. Be professional

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