Option 1: nutritional ergogenic aids case study jason, a 16-year-old

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OPTION 1: Nutritional Ergogenic Aids Case Study

Jason, a 16-year-old high school track athlete, as set a goal to improve his 100 and 200 m sprint times. He has seen the muscle development evident in elite sprinters and therefore desperately wants to increase his muscle mass, strength, and power. After talking about training regimens, daily nutrition, and supplementation with numerous other athletes at track meets, he has decided to begin taking several supplements to help him reach his goals. His mother is very conscientious about preparing a nourishing supper; however, Jason prepares his own breakfast and lunch, which he admits typically do not consist of quality food choices. Currently he is resistance training 2 to 3 times per week and taking the following supplements: “mega” multivitamin/mineral supplement, boron, ornithine and arginine, chromium picolinate, and whey protein.

What would you suggest to Jason to help him achieve his personal goal of increasing muscle mass to becoming stronger, more powerful athlete?

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