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—Word Count Is Your Discretion for All Questions Except Question 6 750 Words Minimum!!!

—MLA Format

— Cite All Sources

— Due 2pm American/ New York Time

— 2/14/18

**Read Case Study 1 Attached & Answer Question 1** 

Case 6-1: An Adolescent Couple with HIV

Question 1: “You are the nurse in the clinic on the day Alexa finds out she has HIV. She remains in the clinic for more than an hour with you while you try to support and console her. You have had formal HIV counseling training, so you apply your skills as you communicate with her. Several weeks later, after Alexia is more composed and has had time to think more about her situation, she drops by the clinic and wants to talk with you on a more personal basis. She needs comforting. What approaches will you use with Alexa? Please explore how to use and apply the nursing ethical competencies to help Alexa. Be specific with your approaches and rationales. You can approach this issue keeping in mind the three key ethical principles of autonomy, beneficience and nonmaleficense as they relate to your nursing interventions.

** Read Case Study 2 Attached & Answer Question 2 **

Question 2: CBRT Case Study Attached. Use article to answer questions below

1. Phosgene exposure causes inflammation and pulmonary edema that is deleterious to the function of the lungs. (a) What are the three physical factors that influence pulmonary ventilation? How would each of these factors be affected by inflammation and edema?

2. After exposure to phosgene gas, the partial pressures of both O2 and CO2 would be altered in the blood and tissues, because the mechanism for moving these gases in and out of the body has been compromised. After severe exposure to phosgene, what would you expect to find if you measured the partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) and carbon dioxide (PCO2) in the alveoli, the blood plasma, and the cells of the tissues?

3. The transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood is critical for survival. The victims with the most severe symptoms would need mechanical ventilation to overcome the inability of their respiratory systems to maintain normal blood levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Phosgene gas would reduce the amount of oxygen available for transport to the tissues. In addition, the metabolic waste product carbon dioxide is transported by three mechanisms back to the alveoli in the blood. Here carbon dioxide crosses the respiratory membrane, driven by a pressure gradient that favors its exit via the lungs during exhalation. By knowing which mechanism transports the most CO2, predict what would happen to the blood pH if the CO2 level dramatically increased?

** Read Below & Answer Question 3**

Question 3:  Give a brief description of Botox & briefly describes how it affects the nervous system and action potential conduction. You should have a minimum of 2 academically appropriate resources.

** Read Below & Answer Question 4 I Attached Chapters** 

Question 4:  Please read Controversy 13 in your text, about Childhood Obesity and Early Chronic Diseases. As with many public health concerns, there is a controversy around personal responsibility and environmental influence. This conflict is further complicated when it involves children. Discuss what individuals, groups, or agencies you think are responsible for addressing childhood obesity? Please propose two to three solutions to address this concern and provide evidence to support your ideas.

** Read Below & Answer Question 5**

Question 5: Please read the following scenario and submit a report with a response to each of the associated questions. Cite sources in APA style.


Betsy is a 72-year-old retired teacher who lives alone. She used to love gardening, but since moving to a condo, doesn’t get much time outside, and spends most of her days reading or talking on the phone. She presents to her doctor complaining of right leg pain and muscle weakness. Her laboratory results showed deficient vitamin D and reduced bone density, and a diet recall included:

Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, 1 whole grapefruit with 1 tsp sugar, 12 oz. black coffee

Lunch: cucumber sandwich (made with a ½ cup of sliced cucumber, 2 slices white bread, and 1 T mayonnaise), 1 oz. potato chips, 16 oz. unsweetened iced tea

Dinner: pasta (1 c.) with meatless marinara sauce (1/2 c.), small white roll, 1 glass red wine, fun-size Milky Way.

Betsy is 5’4” and weighs 126# (57kg). She says she loves to cook, but since it’s just her, she usually just prepares something quick and easy. Every Sunday she goes to church and to the grocery store, but otherwise, she doesn’t leave the house much.

1. Estimate how much protein Betsy is getting. How much does she need? Is her intake adequate? What recommendations do you have regarding Betsy’s protein intake?

2. What about Betsy’ fluid intake? Is she getting enough water? What are potential consequences of not taking in enough fluid? 

3. Her doctor recommended a vitamin D supplement. What other ways can Betsy improve her vitamin D status? List some foods that are good sources of vitamin D. 

4. Betsy’s mom had osteoporosis and she’s concerned about developing it too. What steps can Betsy take to maintain her bone health? Are there specific nutrients other than vitamin D and calcium that are important to bone health? 

5. Why is vitamin D deficiency more common in the elderly?

** Read Below & Answer Question 6**

Question 1: You are required to post  750-word summary of a personal response to a attached  article (MATERNAL-FETAL CONFLICT). The summary should reflect self-awareness and critical thinking regarding why you chose both the article and the subject matter. Validate your opinion with references to the code of ethics. Articles and references used in researching the topic summary must be cited using proper APA format. 

* Provide some background describing it and why it is timely and worth consideration. 

* What are the pro and con arguments about the problem? Refer to ethical concepts, theories and principles in your book. 

* What is your position on this problem and why? How do you think it could be resolved? 


** View the Video Below & Answer Question 7**

Question 7: Reflection: After viewing the “Unusual Support Group” material, why is it that infection rates went up AFTER better sanitation? If Polio had infected the human population for centuries and only a small percentage has long-lasting damage, why were we so determined to “fight” this infection and eradicate it?

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