Rua: safety goals: to prevent fall

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The Joint Commission’s New Speak Up™ Brochure: “What You Should Know About prevent fall”

I need the paper to be over prevent fall: the website link to the joint commission’s new speak-up brochure is in the rubric. I also attached the brochure of Prevent fall to make it easy for you. 

Everything you are going to need is in the attachment rubric and don’t forget to do as it asks. 

P.S please follow the instructions in the instructions box images. This paper is very important. Use the scholarly articles that are less than 5 years published to support your evidence. Don’t forget to go over the rubric while you write the paper.

The paper should not be longer than three (3) pages, excluding the title page, reference page. “Do not pass through three pages, make sure all the information is fit in those three pages”

Thank you 

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