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Please writing several sentence to summary each case that I list blow, and based on 4 parts:

1. Name of the case

2. Issue(s) or question(s) of law 

3. Opinion and decision of the court

4. Why (must write reason)

Please not too much, and use simple grammar and sentence.


Brief the cases beginning on page

1. CH 13 p405 – Stephen A. Wheat Trust v. Sparks 

2. CH 13 p411 – Hicks v. Sparks

3. CH 13 p413 – Sumerel v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


4. CH 14 p422 – Galloway v. Iowa


5. CH 15 p435 – Coma Corporation v. Kansas Department of Labor

6. CH 15 p440 – Clark’s Sales and Service, Inc. v. Smith

7. CH 15 p450 – Gamboa v. Alvarado


8. CH 16 p462 – Linscott v. Shasteen

9. CH 16 p472 – Jacco & Associates, Inc. v. HVAC, Inc.


10. CH 17 p485 – Johnson v. Bank of America, N.A

11. CH 17 p487 – The Industrial Development Board of the City of Montgomery v. Russell

12 CH 17 p490 –  Podraza v. New Century Physicians of Nebraska, Inc.


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