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  This assignment is part of your Project 3 grade. It’s not a normal homework assignment but will make up 10% of the grade for that project.  

Context: In many work places, reflection is a tool that is often used. You may be asked to submit an end-of-quarter or end-of-year self-evaluation, you may be asked to sit down with your supervisor for an interview, or you may be asked to write a letter to go in your promotion file. In all of these cases, you’re often asked to reflect on the work you’ve done, explain the seen and unseen work you did, justify your value to the company, and explain what you’ve learned or how you’ve improved in that time frame. In less formal reflections, you might sit down with a team at work and reflect on how a project went and what you’d do differently in future. 

In short, reflection helps us recall what we did, what we learned through that process, what we achieved, and what we would do differently in future. As such, it is an important goal in any workplace. 

Scenario: For this assignment, you will reflect on your Technical Definition and the revision process. You should format the reflection as a self-evaluation letter. You can review letter formatting in the chapter on letters (Links to an external site.).

You’ll imagine that the work you did last week–learning how technical definitions work, what they look like, etc,; then, drafting a definition; completing the peer review; and revising the final version of the technical definition–were part of a work project. Now, I, your boss, have asked you to reflect on the project, your role in the project, and what your takeaways are. You can organize the letter however you like, but here are some guiding questions to help you: 

  • What did you do to learn about technical definitions and make sure you understood what it should look like?
  • What writerly decisions did you make as you wrote the Technical Definition? Why did you make those choices? How did you adjust course or revise after feedback from your peers and why? 
  • How did feedback from your peers (“coworkers”) help you understand the task or goals of the project better? Who, if anyone, provided meaningful feedback on your draft? 
  • Why do you think the final Technical Definition you wrote was an effective document? In what ways did it achieve the goals of the project that were set forth at the beginning of the project? What key concepts from our class so far did you apply to your Technical Definition? 
  • What do you feel could still be improved in the Technical Definition you submitted? What would you do differently in future, if/when you are assigned a similar task? 
  • What are you proudest of? 
  • What were the main lessons (about definitions, organization, clarity, revision, providing feedback to peers, etc) you’ll take away from this project? 

Your reflection should be formatted as a letter and be at least 300 words long. 

Here’s how you’ll be graded: 

  • Is the letter formatted correctly as a letter? Is the letter free of grammatical/proofreading errors? (2 points)
  • Is the organization of the letter effective? (2 points)
  • Do you reflect meaningfully on your rhetorical choices and the revisions you made to your Ethical Email? (2 points)
  • Do you reflect on the strongest and weakest elements of your final submission? (2 points) 
  • Do you reflect meaningfully on what you learned from this process, how you’ve improved, and what you would work on improving in future? (2 points) 

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