Thought and writing advertisement analysis

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1. Analyse any one of the three advertisement samples given and, in about 600-650 words, demonstrate the historical background and the brand value and the subsequent strategy employed in the advertisement.   (1×15=15)

2. Pick any one of the three sample advertisements provided and check how the creators of the chosen text utilise the six key components of a successful advertisement. Prepare a write-up of about 600-650 words to briefly describe each component and elucidate how they are operational in the given text. If you find any of the components not being used in the advertisement, mention the (possible) reasons for skipping those. (1×15=15)

3. Lifestyle marketing can be identified as an aftermath of the social transformation that occurred under capitalism. Analysing advertisements can provide interesting insights into the transformation of society. People who once had made their investments in utility value now are after luxury. For this question, the students are directed to compare and evaluate the three different advertisements given to them and draw insights regarding:

a. The transition from use-value to luxury

b. The nature and necessity of the change.

The students must submit a write-up of 700-750 words, excluding the references. Plagiarism of any sorts will not be entertained. Students must provide the details of the sources they have used to gather information.  (1×20=20)

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