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  • An evaluation of current trends and  issues in total compensation and a prediction of future trends. A wage management process and rationale (Sytoria Maldonado).  This is my portion of the group assignment. Simple add the portion unto the attached document along with any references. The company is Starbucks and the imaginary company that we created is Peet’s Coffee.  It doesn’t have to be lengthy just answer the question.  Say 100 words minimum for each topic area (answer only the 2 questions above)  I need this assignment completed by no later than 09/18/17 at 12 noon  EST, no exceptions and no plagiarism. Use the attachment for addtional details and to add response. 

Design a 525- to 700-word total compensation plan (written in the third person voice) for an imaginary competitor of Amazon, Home Depot, Starbucks, FedEx Corporation, or Bristol-Myers Squibb.Address the following details in your plan:

  • How your plan supports key objectives
  • Internal and external equity
  • A retirement plan and how participation will be driven
  • The influence of the organization’s financial condition on the total compensation plan
  • How your plan will be communicated to leadership and employees

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines 

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