Week 3 project plan | Human Resource Management homework help

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Complete Section 2: Work Breakdown Structure and Section 3: Project Schedule in the Project Plan Template document. Remember, you just adding to last week’s template and resubmitting.

Note: The Work Breakdown Structure chart in Section 2 of the Project Plan Template document will be used to complete other sections within the template.

You will be adding a section of a Gantt chart to this weeks assignment. You can learn how to create Gantt charts by searching on YouTube. Do not attach your Gantt chart as a separate Excel file. Just cut and paste a section of your timeline graphic into the template, or insert a picture of your chart.

Submit your assignment.


  • Mind map research from Week 2
  • Figure 3.1: “Illustration of a Work Breakdown Structure for Golden Years Compliance Project” in Ch. 3 of Leading Project Teams: The Basics of Project Management and Team Leadership

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