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  The article reviewed was by Bvumbwe and Mtshali (2018) that developed a middle-range model aimed at improving the quality of nursing education in Malawi. In using the theory, the study developed a planning model that would provide a guide to planners that would aid in matching strategies and situational determinants experienced in the healthcare environment. The developed model, in this case, was ingrained in improving the quality of education extended to nurses in Malawi by ensuring a match between theory and practice for the students and future practitioners. Utilization of the model will be instrumental to the nursing education environment. It will contribute towards adopting multiple strategies in the learning environment that will positively impact nursing practice in the healthcare environment. The use of the middle-range approach is instrumental for the research. It guides the assessment of the current issue by identifying contributing variables that will guide the development of the most viable intervention, as highlighted in the study. Therefore, utilizing the middle range theory in nursing will help improve the training process to ensure the students can effectively apply the knowledge learned in the healthcare environment. 
           The adult learning theory is instrumental in guiding teaching practices and curriculum development in nursing as it will explore the process from an understanding of how adults learn. The approach is instrumental as it develops a contrast between adult and child learning, influencing the teaching practices and curriculum development measures adopted (Murdoch et al., 2017). In this case, the adult learning theory application in the process will be instrumental in ensuring the teachers adopt learning techniques such as discussions and cooperative learning to facilitate effective adult learning (Mukhalalati & Tayor, 2019). Also, the approach will ensure that emphasis is placed on practical learning as adult learning is ingrained towards application in the healthcare environment.    

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