1.how did the geography of greece shape its earliest history and lead

Category: History

1.How did the geography of Greece shape its earliest history and lead to the growth of the polis?


2.What were the major developments of the Archaic age and how did Sparta and Athens create new forms of government?


3.What were the lasting cultural and intellectual achievements of the classical period?


4.How did Alexander the Great’s conquests shape society in the Hellenistic period?


5.How did the meeting of cultures in the Hellenistic world shape religion, philosophy, and science?


6.How did the Romans come to dominate Italy, and what political institutions and changes did they bring about?


7.How did Rome expand its power beyond Italy, and what were the effects of this success?


8.How did efficient Roman rule lead to a period of prosperity and relative peace?


9.What was Christianity and how did it affect life in the Roman Empire?


10.How did the emperors Diocletian and Constantine respond to the problems created by barbarian invasions and political turmoil in the third and fourth centuries?



PART II: Journal


Directions: The purpose of the journal is to actively engage in self-learning and opportunities to clarify and reflect upon your thinking of world history in different ways. Further, the journal is intended to help the student gain writing fluency knowledge and creativity in doing so.  You should express your ideas and feelings, special terms, and expressions heard and used to convey historical knowledge and events.  You not only be graded on the content of your journaling activities, but on the completion of the assignment and writing skills required for each journal activity assignment.


Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs that consist of at least 7 sentences for each of the following questions:


1.My dream profession is to be a/an…


2.I would really excel in the _____ field because I am…



3.I would probably make a leader or because I would probably not make a leader because…


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