2 short answer and 1 essay 3 pages

Category: English

 SHORT ANSWER (½ to 1 page double spaced) → SELECT TWO! 1. Choose one film we viewed in class and discuss a moment/example of abjection – how does this moment function within the film text? Use Creed/Kristeva to develop your argument. 

2. In what ways does A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night function as a queer text? How does the monstrous-feminine figure lend itself to the creation of a ‘queer utopia,’ as discussed in Shadee Abdi & Bernadette Marie Calafell’s “Queer Utopias and a (Feminist) Iranian Vampire”?


3. In what ways does The Love Witch upend figurations of the monstrous-feminine/witch as discussed in Creed’s article? What is The Love Witch doing differently (if anything)? 

ESSAY (2-3 pages double spaced) → SELECT ONE! 1. Select one film we viewed in class and discuss the ways in which the monstrous-feminine has been mobilized within a modern context. Some possible contexts could be – intersectional feminism, the #MeToo movement, queer issues, etc. 

2. Select one film we viewed in class and discuss the ways in which one of the common monstrous-feminine tropes is addressed and/or complicated in the film → the archaic mother, the possessed girl, the female vampire, or the young female witch. 

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