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After a period of close reading, critical thinking and engaging discussion, students will prepare a final statement on one of the works discussed. This response will answer one of the questions asked, be roughly 250 words long, and include an integrated, direct quote from the text to support the opinion. Quotations must be in quotation marks and all quotations must be cited. It is not necessary to include a Reference page entry for the story you are writing about – just an in-text citation. Here is a correct citation for a quotation:

“There was something coming to her, and she was waiting for it.” (Chopin, 1894, 15).

Failure to include at least one integrated quote from the work will result in an automatic grade of 50%. The quote does not count toward the total required word count.


Responses will be written or pasted into the text box below – You may attach a file instead if you prefer. Responses should be written in complete sentences in proper standard written English. Check responses for grammatical and spelling errors, maintain a professional and respectful tone, and answer the question thoroughly.


Look over the Rubric to see how the Response will be graded. 


Here is a correct citation for a quote from a poem:

“I say drop a mouse into a poem.” (Collins, 1988, 5).

Note: quotes from a poem are cited by LINE number – not page number. You still need the poet’s last name and date of the poem. If your quotation extends over two lines use the / to indicate the line break. Follow the poet’s capitalization format.


Unit 10 Response:

We feel poetry on a “gut” level. Which of this unit’s poems did you have the greatest emotional reaction to, and why? Although I hope at least one of the poems appealed to you, your response does not have to be positive. Feel free to critique one of this unit’s poems, explaining why it failed to inspire a reaction.


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