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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the Week Three Lecture in the left navigation, read Chapters 4 and 14 in the textbook and The Case For ‘Data Governance’ (Links to an external site.) article, and view the Data: Ethical Use and Storage (Links to an external site.) video. You will use these sources to support your work in this assignment.

As part of your IT Proposal final assignment, you will explain how your proposed information system solution will ensure data quality and security. This assignment will prepare you for that part of the IT Proposal. Review the instructions provided in the Week Six IT Proposal to begin thinking about how your proposal will address this topic.

The reading in the text provides two key reasons for poor data quality, “the rush to install new systems and the failure to take an integrated view of the organization’s data” (p. 109). Data security breaches seem to occur every other day, and as discussed in the Week Three lecture, there are serious implications for organizations that do not take the necessary measures to ensure data security. Include the following elements in your paper supporting your statements using the required sources for this assignment.

  • Analyze the role of data in information systems for business and describe the risks that can arise from poor data quality.
    • Explain the challenges that can result from poor data quality. Provide an example of the results of poor data quality from your own personal or professional experience.
    • Explain at least two methods of how organizations can ensure good data including the structure and applications necessary.
  • Analyze the risks of poor data security.
    • Research an article in the popular media that covers a recent data breach. Explain the impact of the data security breach on the organization and its leaders using evidence from your article.
  • Explain the role of data governance in keeping data secure.

The Data Quality and Security Paper

  • Must be two to three double-spaced pages (600-900 words) in length (

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