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Considering the overall content of “Man’s Search for Meaning,” “Leadership is an Art,” and “The 7 habits of Highley Effective People” which of the three has been most meaningful in helping you to chart a future path in life? (2) What overlapping themes have you discovered among the three texts? (3) Which of the principles will you use in your future career?


Devote one to two paragraphs to the answers for each of the above questions.


In addition to answering the above questions, the paper should include a one page personal mission statement (mission statement below, needs added in on this part of the paper)


Finally, write a one to two page imaginative description of the changes your new mission statement may make in your personal life, family life and work life.


APA Format



I am a student and I am committed to achieving that all life has to offer by ensuring I give more concentration on my studies. I have to ensure that I connect with my lecturers so that I can achieve what I have planned in the future regarding my studies. This means that I have to always ensure that I attend all my classes and complete my assignments on time. I also have to spare enough time for personal studies so that I can better understand my lecture notes and researches. Considering the career I am taking, I have to get more connected with professional from that particular field so that I can gain the necessary basic skills that can help me get more acquainted with what to expect after I am employed (Covey, 2015). To achieve this, I can get engaged in volunteer work and internship during school holidays as this would help me gain an added advantage when applying for jobs. My personal values also guide me in formulating a plan towards achieving my mission whereby I understand I have to be accountable for all my actions. This is to mean that any effort I put towards achieving the best from my education will help me in my career. By lacking this accountability I may not achieve my dreams. I have a strong personality that makes me committed and compassionate in my activities. I understand that in a working environment, one should be committed to work under minimal supervision or no supervision at all (Covey, 2015). I am eager to attain the best from my studies and therefore I have to play my role without failure so that I can achieve the career I have always dreamt of. 


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