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Entire essay should be double-spaced.  The standard is 1-inch margins on the right, left, top, and bottom.   Essay length: 500 word minimum. Create your own thesis from the topic given.  If you want to talk to me about a narrower topic or about writing your thesis for the essay, please feel free to contact me. Create your own organization, find supporting quotations and ideas from the work, explain these quotations and link them back to the thesis of the essay.  Think about how character, images, metaphors, and other literary techniques used in the piece that support the thesis you have created. Concentrate on YOUR interpretation of the work as it relates to the topic you have chosen for your paper.  TOPIC: Examine the stories that Gilgamesh tells about Ishtar’s lovers.  Recount the stories very briefly.  What do these stories show about Ishtar?  Do these stories fit any archetypal patterns? Can you think of other examples of women like Ishtar, represented, perhaps, in popular American films, books, or television programs? What does this archetype suggest about how the Mesopotamians thought about women?  Do you think that the way the ancient Mesopotamians thought about women is more striking for its similarities to or for its differences from the way contemporary American culture thinks about women?   


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