A wrinkle in time

Category: Literature


Based on your independent reading selection for this month (A Wrinkle in Time), you will complete a character analysis study for one character from your book.

To complete your character analysis, you need to be familiar with the IB Learner Profiles.


1. Read your book. (A Wrinkle in Time)

2. Make understanding of each learner profile.

3. Choose a character from your book to profile. This means that you will “study” or “analyze” the character’s traits. Think about the character’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and even spiritual attributes.

4. Now, for the character, choose TWO learner profiles: one that represents the character’s most prominent strength; one that represents what the character is most lacking.

5. In writing (typed), you are to explain HOW the character demonstrates/does not demonstrate the profile, and WHY you chose the profile to represent the character. You must use support from the text to justify your HOW and WHY.

6. Please organize your writing in paragraph format. One paragraph will demonstrate the HOW; one paragraph will explain the WHY. Use one page per profile. Title each paper the name of the profile. You must type the final product.

7. Each paragraph must include at least TEN sentences. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence. Include the character’s name and profile in this topic sentence. Continue with specific details/support to show the character’s attributes. Don’t forget to use support directly from the text. You will paraphrase and/or use exact quotes from the text. Cite your evidence by indicating a page number in parentheses. Conclude each paragraph with a concluding sentence to “wrap up” your thoughts.

This EXTRA CREDIT is based on the IB MYP rubric for assessment criteria.

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