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Choose an ethnic group (not a country) you have never heard of. You can consult the list of contemporary ethnic or indigenous groups from Wikipedia. Once you select the group, you can read information about the group you selected from various sources. Your work should be three to four pages long, double-space, font size 12 and Times New Roman or Arial. Don’t forget to divide your essay into paragraphs. Do grammar and spell check. Make sure to write your answers in the following order.

1) which country the ethnic group is originally from, and the country’s geographical location-1 point

2) in which country or countries the ethnic group live today; a brief history of migration -2 points

3) what language or languages they speak and to which other languages it relates to-1 point

4) a brief history of their situation, social, economic and/or political-2 points

5) what religion or religions they practice-1 point

6) four distinctive things from their culture and/or traditions-2 points

7) list of your sources-1 point

Apa 6 format

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