Application: repairing a data set

Category: Geography


Your goal for this Application is to apply the skills you explored in the demonstration video and practiced in the Discussion for this module. Like in the Discussion, you are to import a data set provided as an Excel file into SPSS. Although some of the problems may be evident in the Excel file, be sure to import the file as is into SPSS. Do not begin repairing the data until you have imported it into SPSS.

Once the import is complete, you identify each of the 28 errors in the data set and fix them, briefly describing the errors you found and how you fixed them.

To prepare for this Application, participate in the Discussion area to clarify any questions you may have about the demonstration video and the data-repairing activity you completed with your peers.

The Assignment (1–2 pages):

Import the given Module 3 Application Data Set into SPSS, and then identify all of the errors in the imported SPSS file. For each error that you identify, explain why it is an error and how you fixed it. Submit your explanations as a Word document. Be sure to include a table that shows the corrected data.

Submit your Application by Day 7 of Week 5.

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