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1) For this assignment you must interview two people. Ask them this multiple choice question:
From where is the large majority of the mass of a block of wood of derived? (Show them a real piece of wood or a picture of a piece of wood)
1. Nutrients in the ground taken up by the roots
2. Water in the ground taken up by the roots
3. Out of thin air
4. The Sun

Then ask them why they think that their answer is correct. Finally report to them the correct answer and explain why it is correct.
In your write-up, please include the answers and explanations of the persons you interviewed.

2) For this assignment you are to demonstrate your knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction. Watch the following two videos: 
Next, to get credit for this assignment, please 1) submit at least three advantages of asexual reproduction; 2) submit at least three advantages of sexual reproduction; and 3) describe the example of the fish in the ponds of Sonora mexico and what it demonstrates about the importance of sexual reproduction.

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