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Minimum length: 3-5 pages

Maximum length: 10 pages

This might require some participant and environmental observation, and/or discussions with people from the community. Note that this is 10% of your grade, so write accordingly. 

Describe the Environmental and Social Dynamics of a Green Space in the City

In the class we discussed several articles and watched many videos on the nature of social interactions in public spaces and the ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces. We have discussed the relationship between physical space and the social space. 

Select a green space/urban garden or park in your home community. Spend 2-3 hours in the selected space observing the nature of the space, the context of the social interactions happening at the space, and the different ecosystem services provided by the space. If necessary, talk to people responsible for managing the space.  

A. Describe the physical characteristics and nature of the space? Is it an urban green space? A park? What are the different features of the space? 

B. Describe the nature of the social interactions taking place in the space? Are there different types of interactions (people just talking or walking, parents brining their kids, people exercising, people enjoying nature or reading books etc.)?

C. How does the different characteristics of the space facilitate different social interactions? 

D. Describe the ecosystem services (Provisioning, regulating, cultural, and habitat) provided by the space? 

E. Describe the community around the space? Are there threats of gentrification? How does the ecosystem services provided by the space improve quality of life in the surrounding community?

Use pictures, figures, and other resources if necessary in your essay and cite the resources accordingly (MLA, ASA, APA etc. Just be consistent with the style of referencing). 

Please use facts and information from the class readings and videos to support your essay

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