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Part 1: Initial Blog Post on Prokaryotes in Society
Prokaryotic organisms like bacteria and archaea have a variety roles in society from causing foodborne illnesses (i.e. Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria), being involved in symbiotic relationships (Rhizobium and nitrogen fixation) and they have medicinal purposes (i.e. production of antibodies) to name a few. For Week 1, after you have completed the readings (Chapters 14 – 17 and specifically Chapter 17), research the internet and use reliable and credible scientific resources to investigate a specific prokaryotic organism (a bacterial or archaea species) and discuss it and its role within society.
Please select a prokaryotic organism (a bacterial or archaea species) which has not been blogged about by another student .This will diversify our Week 1 Blog with information on different species of prokaryotic organisms. [NOTE: Duplicate topic initial blog posts will have a 10 point deduction for not discussing a specific prokaryotic species that has not been discussed]. [NOTE: Neither open resources nor open blogs can be used as sources of information; see ‘Researching Information’ within the class for more information on appropriate credible/reliable sources of information]. This is not an opinion assignment; therefore information presented about Prokaryotes in Society must be supported by reliable academic/scientific resources (facts supported by research). [Not citing a specific reliable academic/scientific resource is an automatic 10 point deduction].

Write a full paragraph (a 150-words minimum) for your initial blog post discussing a specific species of prokaryotic organism and the role it has within society. Be sure to describe what the prokaryotic species is. Where is it found? How does it interact with humans and/or other species (i.e. harmful, beneficial or mutualistic relationship) ? What role does it play in the ecosystem, etc.?

Also required within the initial blog post is sharing the website (specific URL) and what you have learned from this resource and/or have found particularly helpful when reviewing the website.  Do not copy and paste directly from the website. This blog should be written in your own words.  Any content and paraphrased information from the resource (URL) must be properly cited per APA including the specific URL (website) you are recommending.  The blog post must be directly posted in the classroom; please do not upload a Word document only.  

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