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(1) What are business News headlines last week that may impact the market outlook? For example, changes of 10 year Treasury rate, the announcement of continued goverment stimulus, the expected rise of inflation, the change of retial sales growth, etc. 

(2) How did the overall market perform during the last week? Which one is biggest winner? which one is biggest loser? 

(3) How did your sector(s) perform against the overall market and other sectors? and why? What are the key driving forces behind the movement?

(4) Please examine the performance each industry under your sector(s) during the last week. Again, what are their key driving variables? How long will you expect these driving factors to last?

(5) Please relate the weekly business news headlines to the performance of your sector(s) and industries. Did the new announcements change the sector/industry fundamentals?What are the investment implications?

sector: industrial sector

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