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                                           Physical Science multiple choice test…. I have attached the pictures to certain questions at the bottom…. labeled question 3…. 1.  Use the equation: frequency=wavespeed/wavelength and the wavelength you found in #3 to calculate the frequency of this photon (remember the speed of light is 3E8 m/s): 7.6E14 Hz 6.0E14 Hz 4.6E14 Hz 2. Use the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of different anova designs: comparison

Below are general types of ANOVA designs we will be reading about in this module. The differences in methodology are based on experimental design: One-Way Between-Subjects or Within-Subjects Design Two-Way Between-Subjects Factorial Design We discussed the pros and cons of one-way between-subjects ANOVA and one-way within-subjects ANOVA in Module 6. Use some of those facts […]

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QUESTION 1 RESPOND IN 175 WORDS   In the course so far, you have learned about how quantitative reasoning can help you think about different situations in your life. You learned about the history of numbers, different labels for measuring, how numbers help us understand space, and basic algebraic techniques. After reflecting on the content, identify […]

Biology labs | Biology homework help

The biology labs do require some completion of experiments.  Some of the experiments call for the use of multi colored beads, however, simple math can be used in place of the beads.  If you have any question please review the lab before submitting a bid.  It is large but relatively simple.  Also, one of the […]

4 questions | Applied Sciences homework help

Select at least three products or practices from Chapter 6’s sections: “Questionable Self-Help Products” or “Questionable Practices” (pages 98-107). 1. Find at least two websites per item selected that promote these practices or products in a positive way, and provide links to these sites (6 total). 2. Based on what you have learned in previous […]

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