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Legal memo | Applied Sciences homework help

A 14-year old patient was seen at your hospital’s ER after a car accident. The patient’s parents make it clear to the staff that they are not willing to give consent to any procedure involving blood products or transfusion. The doctor explains the risk to the parents. After the parents leave the room, the patient […]

Privacy and Security in the healthcare Field

Instructions: Looking at problems, then, is what you will do in this assignment. This analysis project requires you to tackle a problem within your field of study by first exploring and then recommending practical solutions to solve the problem.  Savini provides some great steps to take in working with problems: 1. Noticing; 2. Articulating a […]

Nutritional Diary Table

Nutrition and Metabolism    •Read p. 487-497 • Nutritional Diary and Nutritional Information Worksheet •Nutritional Diary:      Complete a table for one day of 3 meals, itemize for breakfast, lunch and dinner the food items, nutrient (carbohydrate, protein and lipid) serving amounts in grams and calorie content (4, 4 and 9 per gram of each of the […]

BIO 13- writing in the sciences textbook passage

Written college textbook passage on the advent of “cultural evolution”. While the primary goals is to provide an overview of research on this topic, you may also choose to address a specific question about culture, such as,”Is culture just a human phenomenon?” Since this is an instructional writing piece, scientific terminology should be given special […]

Temperature, pulse, respiration | health | Chamberlain College of Nursing

What is TPR? Why is it important to take a TPR? Explain  Name and Describe 2 diseases/illnesses that can be diagnosed or indicated by measuring vital signs . (Ensure that you indicate what normal ranges are for the specific vital signs and how the patient is affected if these ranges are not normal ) ( APA citation-at least 2 […]

HIM Dashboard – Data analysis and visualization

  Being part of Western Healthcare System, means that your hospital is compared with a few more hospitals in that system. You are provided with the first month of data pertaining to the operation of their HIM departments. The data provided in the Excel spreadsheet – HIM Dashboard are used to evaluate the performance of […]

M7A1: Insect Modification Essay #2

   Although some insects are beneficial, others can vector diseases and destroy crops. As the climate changes and the world population continues to grow, there is an increasing need to protect people and crops from insect pests. Historically, pests have been controlled with insecticides and biological controls. Unfortunately, insecticides are not target specific and they […]

Fleet and driver safety | Applied Sciences homework help

This is a discussion about second chances. Would you hire or retain a driver who has had two, three, or even four moving violations in the last 3 years? Where would you draw the line on the number of violations? Would you give them a second chance if they begged you to and promised to […]


For this assignment, you will prepare an informative PowerPoint presentation based on the The Social Determinant in Kansas. 1) First, you will identify the determinant of health and the issues related to it that you are working to address. 2) Next, offer and explain a specific health policy or law that could be enacted to […]

The review paper should be on a biology-related article or news report that you read from an official media (such as a professional journal, a scientific magazine, a newspaper, or a trustable official website) of the week before the missed class.

      In the review paper you should:         1)  provide   th e  full citation  [ See the bottom of this instruction for citation style ]      of the article if  it is published in a journal or magazine; or if it is a news report published in a newspaper or  on  a  website, […]