Applied Sciences

Response three classmates discussions 150 words in 10 hours

Builds on others’ responses to further develop discussion (avoids postings that are limited to ‘I agree’ or ‘great idea’, etc.). Extracts and constructs meaning through interaction and involvement with assigned readings and resources. Connects relevant experience and academic knowledge. Gives proper credit to sources used, though strict APA formatting is not required. Uses proper “Netiquette” […]

Discussion 2: Evaluating Existing Measures

 In discussion 1, you considered how you might create an instrument for measuring a phenomenon or client issue. For this week’s Discussion 2, choose and evaluate an existing instrument to measure the concept you identified in Discussion 1. Consider how you would compare your original measurement to the existing measurement. To Prepare: Review the following […]

BIO 101 – Spotted Owl controversy

Please read the article ( and then watch the video ( After you finish reading and watching, please respond to the following question in 1-2 paragraphs: What are some of the pros and cons of the decision resulting from the Spotted Owl controversy discussed in the article and video? What is your take on the […]

400 word discussion public health (creating a press release)

8/7/19  8 p.m EST 400 words not including title & ref min 3 APA BE ON TIME & ORIGINAL WORK   With the rise of the Internet and social media, information can be disseminated to the public more quickly and efficiently than ever. Increased access to public health information gives individuals the potential to be […]

Paper-Evidence-Based Medicine Policy Analysis

   Evidence-based medicine (EBM), previously translational medicine, can be defined as improving care based on empirical research and/or hands-on practice. The EBM’s approach is based on either direct patient care (bottom-up) or an experiment translated into guidelines (top-down). EBM is used in either in conjunction or as quality assessment tool(s) for continuous quality improvement (CQI). […]

special events assignment

1.  You may want to print the following questions before you begin the video. You will find that they are in sequence with the lecture. 2. Copy and paste the following into your address area of the internet: 3.  There are a couple of display options, scroll down the page until you see:  Lecture […]

Virtual teams- making it work

  Virtual Teams: Making It Work Virtual teams are composed of employees who are physically dispersed throughout the nation or around the world. They are linked by various forms of electronic technology. Face-to-face contact is usually minimal or nonexistent. Virtual teams face several challenges: time zone differences, which make quick information exchanges difficult, and cultural […]

Assignment: Spirituality and Social Work Practice

  Being culturally sensitive by respecting your clients’ spirituality and religious traditions, in general, is an important professional competence (Furness & Gilligan, 2010). Applying your spiritual awareness to a specific client case, however, may require even greater skill. In this assignment, you consider how you might address a client’s crisis that includes a spiritual or […]

Extra Credit Assignment

  Task For this extra credit assignment, students will read short essays from the book, This Idea Must Die: Scientific Theories that are Blocking Progress edited by John Brockman in 2014. Each year,, a forum for thought advancement, poses a new question to exceptional scholars from various disciplines. In 2014, Laurie Santos, a professor […]

Philosophical essay | Applied Sciences homework help

  Assignment Instructions Objective: Students will write a Philosophical Essay for week 7 based on the course concepts. Course Objectives: 2, 3, & 4 Task:  This 4 – 5 full page (not to exceed 6 pages) Philosophical Essay you will be writing due Week 7 is designed to be a thoughtful, reflective work. The 4 – […]