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Python on aws cloud 9 | SDEV 300

  Week 8 Deliverables Overview: This week, you have studied Web application vulnerabilities, password complexity, logs and analysis of logs, cryptographic algorithms, and installed a geolocation module allowing IP addresses to be aligned with a specific latitude and longitude. The Lab for this week demonstrates your knowledge of this additional knowledge applied using Python functionality. Be […]

Use the Web to search for examples of hacks that made the news.

Use the Web to search for examples of hacks that made the news. Write a brief description of the attack indicating what type of hack was involved.  Read and respond to at least two other students Discussions. Post your initial response by the end of day on Thursday and reply to at least two other […]

Discussion | Computer Science homework help

Have you ever read the entire EULA before clicking “agree” or “accept,” or otherwise entering into the contract that it is? It’s unlikely that anyone always reads them in full. Even if you do, which you should, it is almost a certainty that you do not fully understand the terms, language, and its legal implications. identify one […]

Literature Review

Submit one report file with four referred papers/articles on Blackboard. Submit 5 files, respectively: your report (a Word or pdf file) and 4 references (pdf files). Do NOT compress them to a single file. Format requirements are the same as for assignment report.  (APA Format, Use citations and follow APA Citation format). Read at least […]

Discussion: remote access method evaluation

  Learning Objectives and Outcomes Explore and assess different remote access solutions. Assignment Requirements Discuss with your peers which of the two remote access solutions, virtual private networks (VPNs) or hypertext transport protocol secure (HTTPS), you will rate as the best. You need to make a choice between the two remote access solutions based on […]

Operational Excellence Practical connection Paper

  At UC, it is a priority that students are provided with strong educational programs and courses that allow them to be servant-leaders in their disciplines and communities, linking research with practice and knowledge with ethical decision-making. This assignment is a written assignment where students will demonstrate how this course research has connected and put into […]

Configuring BitLocker and Windows Encryption

 1. Within a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 environment, who has access rights to the EFS features and functions in the server?  2. What are some best practices you can implement when encrypting BitLocker drives and the use of BitLocker recovery passwords?  3. What was the recovery key generated by BitLocker in this lab?   4. How […]

Yo19_excel_capstone_intro_smart_rental | Computer Science homework help

 YO19_Excel_Capstone_Intro_Smart_Rental    Project Description: Virginia Garrero owns a small business in which she rents high end handbags, accessories, dresses and evening gowns. Virginia has created a workbook to keep track of weekly rentals. She uses this workbook to keep track of rentals and also to identify trends in length of rental, and payment method. Virginia […]


  Write a Python script that meets the following requirements: – declares three variables: GPA (floating-point number), studentName ( a string), studentNumber (a string) – assign the variables values of your choice – create a print command to output each variable on a separate line – using a single print command, your variable values, output […]

Exp19_word_ch04_cap_college | Computer Science homework help

 Word Chapter 4 Capstone – Funding College  Exp19_Word_Ch04_Cap_College Exp19 Word Ch04 Cap College    Project Description: Funding a college education can be an expensive and daunting task for parents. Being a recent college graduate provides you with first-hand experience on how to finance a 4-year education. Upon graduation, you and a fellow student created a […]

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