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CIS 500 WEEK 1 DISCUSSION Shadow IT for Business Operations (20 points) Organizations do not always provide information systems that allow their staff to perform their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Read the article, “Lifting the Veil Off Shadow IT.” Then, respond to the following: • o Take a position favoring or opposing shadow IT. o […]

Software engineering | Computer Science homework help

Week 6 Assignment – Software Engineering, CMMI, and ITILOverviewRealizing that an organization’s CMMI level affects an organization’s success on requests for proposals (RFPs), your CIO wants to get the software development processes to CMMI level 3. Your organization has started developing software applications and database systems for their customers. The CIO wants to ensure that […]

Lab Final Project

This final project has three parts and each part builds on each other as you learn the software.  Complete each part as it is assigned in your Module.        Part 1:  Word  Part 2:  Excel   Part 3:  PowerPoint      The Task:  You are promoting a new product (not a shark tank). The product is an invention you […]

module 04: critical thinking (collaborative technologies and the

  Module 04: Critical Thinking Collaborative Technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly popular in both business and everyday life. Explain what the Internet of Things (IoT) is and provide a brief history, in your own words, of the IoT. Discuss the potential impact that IoT can have […]

Wireless Local-Area Network

  Following your submission in the Week Two individual assignment, “Logical Network Diagram,” the client approved your logical network diagram for their three retail locations in different cities with a locally hosted Data Center. The client has requested you propose an IP addressing scheme for this network and add a WLAN at each location into […]

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 Exp19_PowerPoint_Ch03_Cap_Bryce_Adventure_Camp   Exp19 PowerPoint Ch03 Cap Bryce Adventure Camp   PowerPoint Chapter 3 Capstone Bryce Adventure Camp     Project Description: Bryce Adventure Camp is a successful outdoor retreat dedicated to the appreciation of the splendor and inspiration of nature for good health. The operation has been so successful in its two years of operation that the owners […]

week 7

 Journal articles This week’s journal article focus on the how positive team culture can correct the impact of lagging leadership creativity. Additionally, we discussed how digital transformation leaders in regard to artificial intelligence (AI). After reviewing the reading, please answer the following questions: What is your definition of AI? Please explain. What is your opinion […]

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/* INSTRUCTIONS * * Complete the exercises below.  For each “EXERCISE” comment, add * code immediately below the comment. * * Please see for instructions, including compilation and testing. *  * GRADING *  * 1. Submissions MUST compile using SBT with UNCHANGED configuration and tests with no *    compilation errors.  Submissions with compilation errors will receive 0 points. *    Note that refactoring the […]

Computer Assessment

This project lets you look at the computer you are using to determine its’ capabilities and abilities, as there is a lot of variation available. Read this all through to the end once before you try it. 2. First, determine and write down the following hardware information about your computer:   1. What type –  […]

Security architecure & design agile design implementations

Part 1: 600 wordsAs you consider the reputation service and the needs of customers or individual consumers, as well as, perhaps, large organizations that are security conscious like our fictitious enterprise, Digital Diskus, what will be the expectations and requirements of the customers? Will consumers’ needs be different from those of enterprises? Who owns the […]

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