the iran coup of 1953.

Instructions This assignment calls upon students to write an argumentative essay based on a series of secondary- and primary-source documents related to the Iran Coup of 1953.  Read two secondary-source articles on the 1953 Iran Coup. Summarize and assess the differences between those articles. Read and analyze relevant primary-source documents to critique the arguments advanced […]

Module four short paper: medical techniques

  Studying medical practices allows us to see how cultural worldviews shape the understanding of the body. Within the study of medical practices, historians find an intersection of concepts of science, religion, and social status. Select three different medical traditions or concepts from this module’s content. Compare and contrast these medical practices by selecting a […]

Art history paper | History homework help

In this paper, I would like to write about a famous artist in the 20th century, Salvador Dali. Please talk about two of his paintings, two that have a connection.  Professor’s notes: In your thesis introduction, you might want to state some kind of an argument or at least a focus: why choose these two? why […]

Historical chart | History homework help

 Identify two secondary sources from your selected topic. The secondary resources will review two historical events that impacted your research topic. Complete the Historical Context Chart to explore the how these events inform the historical context of your topic and support your thesis statement. “Drafting the Constitution”

History | History homework help

 The Case study is about communication issues in the workplace. I attached the instructions and template.  Leadership Case Study 3-5 Pages missmsl4.7 (9)Chat Main Goto Bid (Accepted) Home Business & Finance homework help Management homework help Report Issue Case Study: Inconsistency and lack of Communication *Template and instructions attached* Length of paper 3 – 5 pages not […]

W3 | History homework help

Write a 3-page (double-spaced, 12-point font) review of the film Morning Sun. The film, which came out in 2003, depicts the Cultural Revolution, concentrating on the perspectives of former Beijing Red Guards as they look back 35 years after the event. Make sure you address all of the following questions, though you may choose to […]

Discussion question | History homework help

The essay should discuss what the Nazis did during the final solution, who were the victims, and the beliefs and reasoning for it. Be sure to discuss the significance of the Wannsee Protocol in history as well as to the human  race. 1: The essay should be 300 words long. You may use the document, […]

Compare and contrast | arts | Rutgers University – New Brunswick

compare and contrast 3 versions of beauty and the beast.  You have now screened the Cocteau and Disney animated versions of the classic fairy tale, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Disney released a live action version of the film in 2017. 2017 version of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast and write a 3 page reaction paper. […]

Comparative essay- apple’s iphone workers

The Assignment:  Compare and contrast working conditions in factories in 1900 (United States) to Chinese Iphone workers in the 21st century.  Describe the situation that capitalism and capitalists demand and the resulting working conditions.  Be specific.  When discussing the conditions within a US industry in 1900 choose one specific industry, such as the Triangle Shirtwaist […]

European history assignment 1 | History homework help

It is a “European History” Assignment which has 13 Multiple Choice Questions, Attached with 2 articles. Read the 2 articles and answer the questions correctly. Only Knock me if you are a European History background and a history expert. You have long 10 days to submit this work, so please work very carefully, if I […]