I need this paper sat 6/3/17 10PM

See this link: to How to be True to Your Word by Cat Thompson here  or in Required Resources.  From the article “How to be True to Your Word” (LINK), do you think the following statement about lying is true?  “We may think our lying is for a good reason: to keep from insulting or […]

Research paper on domestic violence… any one?

  1- I need a research paper on domestic violence 2- five pages of content, double spaced  3- four sources, APA format 4- powerpoint on the same research topic “domestic violence” 5- I’m ganna be presenting for at least 10 minutes, so I need a lot of information, and most importantly organized.

No less than 600 words

Responding with your ideas, suggestions and strategy recommendations for the formulation of this unified cyber policy directive.  Your finished paper should include your set of solutions that will address this evolving cyber threat.   For your final exam, read the article titled, “Cybersecurity, Innovation and National Power” by Christopher Whyte. No less than 600 […]

Essay | Law homework help

answer this question as an essay In property law the “bundle of rights” concept of property was proposed by Hohfeld. As a bundle of rights he characterized property as, “a complex aggregate of jural relations, not as a particular relation between owner and object. Taking into consideration the previous explanation of property rights, explain the […]


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Mod 5 discussion | Law homework help

As noted previously, the general residential property criminal offense rate, which includes burglary, increased by 10% in 2010 and 2011 (U.S. Department of Justice, 2012). It is generally assumed that property crimes are not “violent”—at least in the same way as a murder, rape, or assault; however, to many victims, property crimes are as mentally […]

Hypothesis and Conclusion

Short Paper: Hypothesis and Conclusion   In a 3–4 page paper address the following:   Identify and describe five scientific methods of research inquiry and how you would apply them to a research Project. Be sure to provide examples. Develop a hypothesis focused on the professional practices of criminal justice practitioners.Then select two methods of […]

Ethics | Law homework help

Sources must be cited in APA format.  Your response should be a minimum of one (1) single-spaced page to a maximum of two (2) pages in length. Please respond to the following questions:     Ethics is the branch of philosophy that examines questions of morality, or right and wrong. “While applied ethics addresses questions such as […]

College transfer Essay

 3pages MLA Description This is a college transfer essay. •Tell us about your college career to date, describing your performance, educational path and choices. •Explain any situations that may have had a significant positive or negative impact on your academic progress and or curricular choices. If you transferred multiple times, had a significant break in your […]

Contemporary public policy issue | Law homework help

For your Final Project, select a contemporary public policy issue, such as gay marriage, women in combat, reproductive rights, gun control, or similar issues. Conduct research on current law and policy affecting that issue using scholarly sources and cases that you find through the Walden University Library or using Google Scholar. Tips for using Google […]