Nr 507 week 6 discussion (parts 1, 2, 3) + quiz answers

   You are contacted by an attorney representing a client who has been charged with child abuse and whom faces loss of her child and 15 years in prison. The record indicated that the child was 4 years old and presented to the ER room with a broken arm and a broken leg. There also […]

Assignment 3: Week 9 Practicum Journal: State Practice Agreements (Due in Week 10)

In many states, nurse practitioners are completely autonomous professionals. In other states, however, NPs have a wide range of “restrictive” practice ranging from requirements for a “supervising” physician to requirements for a “collaborative” agreement with a physician. In this Practicum Journal Assignment, you will examine the requirements of your own state in order to prepare […]

Literature evaluation table | Nursing homework help

In nursing practice, accurate identification and application of   research is essential to achieving successful outcomes. Being able to   articulate the information and successfully summarize relevant   peer-reviewed articles in a scholarly fashion helps to support the   student’s ability and confidence to further develop and synthesize the   progressively more complex assignments that constitute the components   of the […]

American Public University System Strategic Planning and Management Essay

Description W7: Strategic Planning and Management TheoriesChoose one of the following for your main post: Compare and contrast strategic planning with managerial, operational, and disaster planning. Explain the interrelationships between planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and leading. Compare and contrast specialized management theories. W8: Managed Care Organizations and Budgets Contains unread postsChoose one of the following […]

Mr Boyd Case Study

   Mr. Boyd Case Study You are a home health nurse visiting an older couple in the community in order to assess the couple’s functional ability and the potential for their needing assistance with ADLs. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd are 72 and 67 years old, respectively, and have been married for 45 years. They have […]

Community nursing – discussion questions…

Chapter 1  Opening the Door to Health Care in the Community   Chapter 2  Community and Population Health: Assessment and Intervention   Read chapter 1 and 2 of the class textbook and review the attached Power Point presentations, once done answer the following questions:   1.  In your own words and using the proper evidence-based […]

Strayer University Mt Sinai Hospital Product Development Paper

Description Health services continue to affect the gross domestic product, and this dramatic transformation has great demands on each dollar spent to deliver patient-centered products. Health care marketing must be repeatedly applied and practiced strategically to include environmental dimensions, such as technology, socioeconomics, competition, and regulatory. In today’s global economy, investors and potential entrepreneurs must […]

Week 8 soap note | Nursing homework help

Soap noted based on testicular distortion.  Subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) notes; physical examsS; history taking; head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat (HEENT); respiratory; and cardiovascular systems, in addition to the Male Reproductive system content that we are covering this week.. +++PLEASE USE THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED IN THE ATTACHMENT. THE SOAP NOTE HAS TO […]

Quality Improvement

Briefly research Plan-Do-Study-Act & Rapid Cycle Improvement. How could these two best be used for continuous quality improvement in your current or intended future job setting, and why?  Please keep in mind that these methods are not mutually exclusive, yet managers often allow one method to be dominant in their respective health care settings. In […]

University of Illinois at Chicago Selective Disease in Alport Syndrome Case Study Paper

Description 1.Case Study Content and Format The referenced hyperlink points the student to a listing of clinical trials for which industry sponsors are recruiting patients. From this list, select a disease and particular clinical trial that interests you. This will become the basis for your Case Study Analysis. For your analysis, first read the information […]