Pediatric bipolar depression | Nursing homework help

   Discussion: Pediatric Bipolar Depression Disorder Debate Some debate in the literature exists specific to whether or not bipolar disorder can be diagnosed in childhood. While some have anecdotally argued that it is not possible for children to develop bipolar disorder (as normal features of childhood confound the diagnosis), other sources argue that pediatric bipolar […]

Nrs-410v-0l191 pathophisiology and nursing management of client | Bsn | Grand Rapids Community College

Benchmark – Nursing Process: Approach to Care The nursing process is a tool that puts knowledge into practice. By utilizing this systematic problem-solving method, nurses can determine the health care needs of an individual and provide personalized care. Write a paper (1,750-2,000 words) on cancer and approach to care based on the utilization of the […]

Online discussion | public health

Part 1 Use the article below, chapters 6-8 in your textbook, and the movie (“Miss Evers’ Boys”) to help guide your answers. Most of these questions do not have a right or wrong answer.  Was this study unethical in 1932? Why or why not? If you feel the study was ethical, was there a point […]

The role of the rn/aprn in policy evaluation | NURS 6050 – Policy and Advocacy for Improving Population Health | Walden University

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS INDICATED BELOW: 1). ZERO (0) PLAGIARISM 2). ATLEAST 5 REFERENCES, NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS 3). PLEASE SEE THE FOLLOWING ATTACHED RUBRIC DETAILS.  Thank you.      In the Module 4 Discussion, you considered how professional nurses can become involved in policy-making. A critical component of any policy design is […]

2 case studies | Nursing homework help

need two case studies  apa format references must be less than 5 years  must have at least 3 references. please provide proof of  no plagiarism providing two templates you can use. #1 Anxiety (differential diagnosis 1) Cardiac disease 2) Substance abuse 3) hyperthyroidism) #2 Trichomoniasis (differential diagnosis 1) gonorrhea 2) chlamydia 3) vaginal cancer) […]

Psychotherapy with group | Nursing homework help

1. Post an explanation of how the use of CBT in groups compares to its use in family settings. 2. Provide specific examples from your own practicum experiences.  3. Then, explain at least two challenges counselors might encounter when using CBT in the group setting.  Support your response with specific examples from this week’s media. […]

Informatics in healthcare | Nursing homework help

Informatics in Healthcare Beginning in Module 1 of this course you have been researching a healthcare informatics topic of your choice. Present the findings in a recorded presentation between 7 and 12 minutes in length. The presentation should include a PowerPoint and oral presentation of the slides. There is no slide number requirement. Answer all questions […]

maternal nursing & women health practice.

  Please respond to these questions appropriately citing your references if necessary. #1) Identify 2020 National Health Goals related to home care during pregnancy or childhood that nurses can help the nation achieve. #2)  Describe what family centered care is. #3) Identify common areas or concerns of cultural diversity and apply these to nursing practice. […]

Nursing philosophy (4) | Nursing homework help

  Nursing Philosophy/QEP Writing Assignment The personal philosophy must include the following domains: Nursing, Environment, Health and Person. You should include your personal definition of each domain and how these fit into your philosophy of nursing. In preparing your philosophy the faculty require that you review the philosophies of at least one hospital. A limit of […]

Nursing information management and technology discussion w5

TASK Post your initial response to the topic below. Simulation technology has been transformative in nursing education. Through the use of simulation, nurses can repeatedly practice skills and gain clinical confidence in a risk-free environment. Simulation, however, is not just for health care professionals. How can nurses leverage simulation technology for patient and family education? […]