7709 assignment 1 | Psychology homework help

  Defining Behavior Clear and operationally defined behaviors are important for the field of behavior analysis for several reasons. Clear definitions are necessary to replicate findings and to determine the accuracy of data. This replication and accuracy are key factors in providing the field with solid research. After developing observable and measurable behavior definitions, we […]

Social cognitive process of first impression

Do first impressions matter? Why or why not? Is our automatic social cognitive process primarily driven by unintentional autonomous responses, or are there degrees of control within automaticity that might influence our cognition? Which is mostly likely? Provide an example to justify your position.  Due 5/9/2020 at 10.00 am Eastern time 400 words No plagiarism […]

Discussion: remaining compassionate and professional | SOCW 6070 – Supervision, Leadership, and Administration in Social Work Organizations | Walden University

  As a social worker, you interact with individuals who are at various stages of change in their lives. This may become frustrating for you when clients are struggling to achieve their goals. Thus, it is important for you to develop strategies to process your experiences so that you can maintain your compassion and professionalism. […]

Week 7 assignment | Psychology homework help

  In this Assignment, you will take the first steps toward putting your interview guide into action. Invite at least five potential participants to participate in your study using the criteria stated in the document, “IRB Requirements for Selecting Participants.” To invite them, you can modify the sample invitation, but use the Informed Consent statement […]

Discussion | COUC 700 – Theology and Counseling | Liberty University

   This week we will explore the question, “In what ways, under what circumstances, and with which clients should we use prayer in Christian counseling?” You will discuss in-depth the ways in which prayer in counseling is an effective approach to true self-change. The online lectures and McMinn suggested some “cautions” or possible negative impacts […]

Case #4 | Psychology homework help

  This module consists of Chapter 9 from both books, the corresponding Discussion Board postings, plus Case Study 4 and Exercise 4. Make sure to complete all before going on to Module 7. Additional resources:,-Senior-Advisor/ Case 4# The case investigates SAP’s need to change within the IT industry, to come up with a […]

Assessment 3 theory and its role in research

 Complete the attached ppt. Choose one template. Either qualitative or quantitative.  RESEARCH PROPOSAL OUTLINE Overview The purpose of this final assignment is to compose a research proposal outline using the resources provided on first-generation college graduates and any other articles you may want to add on this topic. You may take either a qualitative or quantitative […]

Multicultural counseling discussion | Psychology homework help

  You may use first person in your posts. Integrate a Christian worldview and include biblical themes as appropriate. Your thread and replies must demonstrate clear application of course-related materials pertinent to the discussion prompt. See the Discussion Board Forums Grading Rubric for specific grading criteria. The Post First feature has been activated in the […]

Discussion question | Psychology homework help

 Consider your dissertation research interests. Identify one categorical/nominal scale IV with more than 2 categories, and three DVs that are measured on continuous scales. Think of DV measures that probably are moderately correlated with each other because they are measuring different components of the same or similar concepts (e.g., three different measures of academic performance). […]

7709 response week 2 | Psychology homework help

response to these two posts of your friends, (no more than 75 words per post)   12 hours agoVictoria Brigalia Unit 2, Discussion Prompt Option 2COLLAPSE The stimulus class “bowl” would consist of all pieces of dishes (of any size, including but not excluding miniature items) which is round in shape and you are able to […]