5 page written podcast dialogue

New Research Article that you must use: Directions for Podcast script: In an effort to disseminate new research going on at Cornell University, this written podcast aims to translate new research from Cornell into an easily digestible podcast. You must use the link for new research published by Cornell University researchers to prepare an […]

Hra562 module 7 discussion | Science homework help

 Module 7 discussionChapter 16 presents four important issues that will shapeevery organization’s compensation philosophy in some way or another: Falloutfrom the Great Recession, Rising Wages in China, Challenges inHealth Care Reform, and Workforce Demographic Shifts. Which of these issueswill have the greatest impact on your organization’s approach to compensation?Why? (Adapted from discussion question #1 on […]

Experimental report | Science homework help

  Signature Assignment Experiment Your signature assignment will be to design and test a protective cage for an egg that would allow the egg to fall from at least 5 feet onto a hard surface without breaking.   1. You must protect the egg, and not the floor – in other words you can’t drop the egg […]

Discussion | Science homework help

Earlier this semester, we had a discussion on What Causes the Seasons, which addressed questions of scientific literacy.  For this discussion, I would like to investigate that idea further.  Should every educated person know what causes the seasons?  What other basic scientific knowledge should they have?  Is there any difference to what we should expect […]

Evidence based project | Science homework help

Is there a difference between “common practice” and “best practice”? When you first went to work for your current organization,  experienced colleagues may have shared with you details about processes  and procedures. Perhaps you even attended an orientation session to  brief you on these matters. As a “rookie,” you likely kept the nature of  your […]

Introduction to sciences | Introductory to Science | Colorado Technical University

Science and Technology/ lab -NA Due: 06/14/2020 Assignment Description Welcome back –this week you will complete your second lab activity! You will conduct simulated field research on various surfaces after rainfall to determine water infiltration and runoff.  Start with your Unit 4 Learning Path in Intellipath (located in the Assignments List). Here you will learn […]

Problem-solving process | Health Science

For this assignment you will need to revisit previous chapters. 1. Think of a time where you yourself has utilized this process or as witnessed it being implemented. 2. Compose a 2 -3 page paper (APA format) demonstrating the correct usage of the five step problem-solving process. 3. Submit this assignment in the discussion section. […]

Paper | Science homework help

Question #1. Describe how an electric current is generated and transported. Assess the current state of our national grid in the United States, as well as any challenges in updating this grid.  Question #2. Read the article titled “Lost in Migration: Earth’s Magnetic Field Overdue a Flip” located at Be prepared to discuss. Read […]

Fsmt288 week 6 forum and forum response

Many personnel in the fire service view suppression and responding to fires as the primary job duty.  Other activities, namely prevention which includes community risk reduction, are not viewed as something that should be a priority.  The changing of this mindset is taking place slowly across the US Fire Service.  This week we will explore […]

budget proposal memo | Science homework help

  You are the financial manager for a small outpatient clinic. Due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, your organization was required to change insurance companies to meet the guidelines and expectations within the ACA. Salaries increased in FY 2017 due to hiring new personnel. Utilizing the attached balance sheet, create a memo […]