University of California Irvine week 5 & 6 reflection

Question Description I’m working on a film multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better. log. into Bublup website (LOG. IN ATTACHED) and watch “Week 5 & 6 class lectures”, then write TWO reflections for EACH WEEK ( approx. 300-400 words each ) based on the class recordings and attached readings […]

Film Ferris Buellers Day Off Review & Filmmaking Vocabulary Paper

Description Write about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off film In this short essay, I’d like you to refrain from simplistic judgments (I liked it, I didn’t like it) and plot summary; rather, respond to the film using ONE of our main questions regarding the teen genre: How does the film represent the Teen experience? Where did […]

FAMST 70 UCSB Commodity Fetishism Advertisement Analysis

Description Please write a response in multi-paragraph form (400-500 words total) to the following prompt, making sure to elaborate on the arguments from the readings in your own words (lengthy quotes do not count toward the word count – instead, use your own words). Make sure to answer all the parts of the prompt fully, […]

Miami Dade College Eagle Fighter Action Film Project Powerpoint & Paper

Description The Look Book must include: Graphic Title page ( Key Art , Poster Art, Title Page) This can be created from a graphics, stock footage, or anything that can convey the feeling of the project, character drawings , etc. This should be first page. Then create an opening Look Book overview with the following: […]

Australian National University Film Man on Wire Documentary Question

Description watch ONE of the above choices and then answer the following questions.  1.  Have you ever seen a documentary before?  If so, what was it and what was your experience?  If not, why not? 2. Based on your understanding of how to identify a Documentary, what are 3 moments in the film that specifically […]

State College of Florida Film Bicycles Thieves Discussion

Question Description I want so make sure for this discussion post that i am able to correctly state and discuss the film for further practice. Bicycles thieves 1948, Directed by Vittorio De Sica, released in U.S. in 1949 where it won Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. This original Italian poster says […]

Harvard University Music in Films Multiple Choice Questions

Question Description Hello, I need your help answering these 50 multiple choice questions, i will provide chapter (1-6) pages that has the answeres, thank you i really appreciate that 🙂 1. During the 1920’s,the motion picture industry had to compete with radio. True False 2. Moving pictures were first shown to the public in locations […]

FMS 150 UCI Blurred Boundaries & Youth Centric Branding in Post Network Era Essay

Question Description I’m working on a film question and need a sample draft to help me understand better. Please engage one of this week’s authors (Rebecca Williams ) and both of the week’s screenings (The Vampire Diaries, “Family Ties” and Supergirl, “Pilot”) to craft an organized and coherent 300-500 word response to the week’s material. […]

Symbiotic Relationship Between Experimental Film and Film Industry Essay

Question Description Essay Prompt: Understanding how the Impressionist film theorist/filmmakers (Germaine Dulac and Jean Epstein) define the medium, consider how Dulac in particular rethinks the relationship between experimentation in film and the film industry. Does this mutually dependent relationship exist today? Use specific examples from actual films (from both Dulac’s time and ours) in your […]

DAC History of Cinema from 1895 to 1950 Rules of The Game & Citizen Kane Essay

Question Description This is about HISTORY OF CINEMA (1895–1950) Select ONEof the followingprompts: •The introduction of sound had a profound impact on all aspects of film history. CiteSIXspecific examples of dialogue, music and sound effects (D/M/E) fromJean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game (1939) and Orson Welles’Citizen Kane (1941)to illustratethe creative, innovative use of sound.Total […]