Ce330 unit 6: language development in the primary years – discussion

Category: Literature

In this week’s reading and web resources, you find that children receive more formal instruction in the primary years. With this change there is a shift in how exploratory activities evolve into investigative play. Please respond to this three-part discussion in three paragraphs and support your responses with research and references from your reading:

  • Use and identify a story book of your choice, design a lesson for a Read Aloud that you would use in your classroom or center to enhance the primary child’s language development. Model your lesson after the one you observed in SEDL’s video: Read Aloud: Bringing Stories to Life.
  • In your role as early childhood professional, describe a creative drama based on your selected Read Aloud activity for use in the primary years .
  • Apply your knowledge as an early childhood professional to a discussion on investigative play and developmentally appropriate practices in a primary classroom. Please be sure to support your answer
  • SEDL. (2012, Aug 17). Read aloud: bringing stories to life. [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.sedl.org/afterschool/toolkits/literacy/pr_read_aloud.htmlwith research and references

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