Discuss how the expansion of the public sphere offered new

Category: History
  1. As discussion leaders you are responsible to cover all the discussion prompts listed below. You may use the ‘getting organized’  thread I have created within the discussion board to divide up the work.  You should not reply individually to all of the discussion prompts.  You should view this assignment as a group activity that is collaborative.  I recommend you use the next few days to decide who is responding to which discussion prompt.  Your initial responses to the Discussion Prompts must be submitted by Midnight Saturday, October 31st.     
    • As you select a discussion prompt to respond to, please begin your post by copying and including the prompt as the opening line of your response. 
    • Only Discussion Leaders should be making initial posts for Chapter 9 on Saturday, October 31st
  2. By Midnight Monday, November 2nd, non-Discussion Leaders need to respond to at least one of the leaders’ initial posts by creating a threaded response . Again… as you select a discussion post to respond to, please begin your post by copying and including the prompt as the opening line of your response. 
    • Remember Discussion Leaders are not required to post follow up replies for their assigned chapters, but  you do need to reply to any questions raised by classmates in their posts.  

Chapter 9 Discussion Prompts are:

  1. Discuss the major parts of Hamilton’s financial plan and be sure to include an explanation of who supported and who opposed it.
  2. Discuss the ironies of the Jefferson administration.  Compare Jefferson’s views toward a strong central government and his actions as president.
  3. Discuss how the expansion of the public sphere offer new opportunities to women.
  4. Discuss how Americans’ understandings of freedom were changing to include economic opportunity, physical mobility, and participation in the democratic system.

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