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This week we discuss security and the Office of Personnel Management’s compromise is clearly illustrated in a case study that is offered up in your readings. After reviewing the slides this week, find a recent article (no more than 12 months  Dark Reading is a very good source online) addressing a breach within a company or government agency.  Your discussion should address the following in the following separate, brief, paragraphs:

1.  Summarize the breach:  What was stolen/compromised?  When did the breach occur?  How did it occur? Research and find out if there were any financial penalties assessed as a result of the breach.

2.   Discuss the vulnerabilities that were present in either a lack of technical controls or processes.  

3.   Strategic Planning: Assume you were an advisor or officer at the corporation or agency. What could have been done from a strategic planning perspective to have reduced the liklihood or impact of this breach?

Be certain to include a link to the article and respond appropriately to two other learners.

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