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Category: English

Title: Language Acquisition

Thread: Second-language acquisition theories rely heavily on first language acquisition theories, primarily on research conducted at MIT with Noam Chomsky. His research on generative transformational grammar and universal grammar are now widely accepted as the primary theory for language acquisition. Select one of the following questions about Language Acquisition and second Language Acquisition and provide an in depth multi-paragraph response. Finally, responded to at least two of your peers’ comments.

Question 1. One thing that researchers discovered when assessing students’ language abilities was the need for a linguistic environment rich in structured adult input. What can or should parents do in order to ensure that such environments exist? What signs might a teacher notice that indicates a lack of rich input? What can teachers do to encourage parents to provide a linguistically rich input environment

Question 2. Fromkin, Rodman, and Hyams described several SLA theories comparing how children learn a first language and how adults learn a second language. Which view do you hold regarding who is the superior language learner?

Question 3. Much research describes how children learn language and the many facets and stages that children go through as they progress toward language mastery. What has this chapter taught you that you will be able to employee in your profession?

Replies: Respond to at least two of your peers’ comments with a rich and relevant response.


I will post the Responses to be done after I have uploaded the main POST. however, I will make the payment for Both Upfront.

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Main Posts are expected to be at least 550 words of Content and Responses at least 200-250 Words each with at least 2 paragraphs for each Response

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