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For this week, I would like you to choose a molecular biology article from the popular press that was published during the past three months.  This article may be discussing new technology, a discovery from the lab, or a review of available data from the medical field.  Taking what you have learned over the past few weeks, respond to the following questions:

List the APA style reference for the article:

In a single paragraph, describe your analysis of the article.  What is the take-home message?:

Does the article share the information in an honest and ethical fashion?  Is there any bias?  Explain your response.

In your opinion, what information, data, or analysis is missing from the article?  What could be added to make the article more complete?

Please choose an original topic for your post.  Feel free to claim a topic at the beginning of the week.  Please make your first post by Wednesday evening and be sure to respond to all posts in your thread.  Respond to at least one other student by Sunday evening.  Please keep HIPAA guidelines in mind if you want to share work experiences 

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